Full Time Job At Baseapp

Delhi, India Full-time Allows remote

At Baseapp we are a small group of highly technical and passionate people or geeks as some would say and we are proud of it! We take pride in our technical endeavors and strive for excellence in them. We believe work should be engaging, meaningful & fun. We learn as we build along and truly uphold a flexible atmosphere where communication breaks free from the shackles of hierarchy and is open and direct. We love Open Source, and try to contribute and use as much as possible.

So if you are looking for a place where you work on the cutting edge, getting experience in interlocking creativity with technical wizcraft , generating products and projects that never let your enthusiasm dip leaving you internally satisfied. It provides a unique opportunity for skill building in a mentally stimulating environment. BaseApp as an organization is dedicated to provide a platform to individuals who find their passion and joy in programing, robots, embedded systems and web technologies.

If you are here then we have requested to take part in our interview process, Engineers will be asked to do engineering problems (Programming, Electronic Design or Mechanical Design) during the interview.

Looking forward to knowing more about you.